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Growing Lettuce From Scraps

I saw this on Pinterest and had to try it.  It was the first thing I put under my new grow light.  The photo shown is my first try, but my family eats a lot of lettuce so I am going to try to do it in bulk.  We are also growing leaf lettuce and spinach indoors and I will do a post showing that soon.

Don’t throw those romaine lettuce bases away.  Do this fun experiment instead with the base of the romaine lettuce from which you took the leaves to eat.  You’re going to save a few cents for this project, it’s like recycling.  Haven’t done some gardening before?  This could be just the push you need to get started. Follow these super simple steps to growing lettuce indoors from scrap:

Pick a healthy romaine lettuce for this experiment.
Put at least 3 inches from the root base and set the stump aside.
Prepare containers which correspond in size to your lettuce stump.
Fill the containers with an inch of water just enough to cover the roots.
Place the stump in the containers and watch how they grow leaves in just a few days.
Replace water daily or as needed.


Hello world!

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Okay, so just like your first dollar or the memory of your first kiss, this was the first page on my new site.  I decided to keep it because WordPress worked so hard to create it.  And since the fine folks at WordPress made this wonderful code that allows us to create awesome websites with little to no effort we should at least thank them.

Thank you WordPress!

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